Prevent linking to more than one node?

Many of the larger systems prefer that you only connect single nodes to them and they especially don’t want you to accidentally interconnect multiple large systems together.

That said, for newer users especially, people might not know to check the current status before connecting things.

Is there a way that I can either restrict the system so it can only connect to one other node at a time, OR can I have it disconnect other nodes when a user tries to *3 connect something new?

I had always thought there was a built-in max_connections set in rpt.conf but I can’t seem to find it,
so, maybe I’m a bit off… but I had thought it was there in the acid days of the program.

But you could write a script using ‘on event’ programming that looks at the number of connections and on your desired number of connections, then disable incoming connections.

Should be some info in the wiki for ON EVENT programming.

But you can always toggle the ‘disable incoming connections’ with a COP command.

xxx=cop,49 ; Disable incoming connections (control state noice)
xxx=cop,50 ; Enable incoming connections (control state noicd)

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