point to point links ?

I know that you guys are a busy but I’m old and have CRS.

We are trying to do a couple of things with RA adapters, and Have some questions.

my personal project is a 6 meter remote base using a RA 42 at the remote( radio ) end and a RA 25 at the control end., as a radio less node

wanting to try to connect them together without the need for the ASL servers. From what I understand , this can be done with little trouble.

The second project is with a remote HF station, . This is again a “private” point to point link, but I have a couple questions.

Can they be set up “full duplex” audio ? If so, do some signals need to be “fooled” to make this work ?

We want to use this internet link for audio only, the radio control will be via Ham radio deluxe.


Don Ritchie, K8ZGW