Permanent Link Keeps Hanging up and Disconnecting

I have two nodes on the same server. I have setup a startup macro to establish a permanent link between them. However, ever approx. 90 seconds the link is hungup and then reconnects. I am thinking it is something in extensions.conf that may not be stated correctly but I really am at a bit of a loss after looking through the various conf files. Any help or suggestions much appreciated! 73. Adrian VE7NZ

See our WiKi how to setup 2 nodes on 1 server.

If you still have trouble go to the Asterisk console with asterisk -rvvv on both of your nodes. What do you see?

I will let you know what I see from verbose mode but I do recall checking and seeing something like “unauthorized connection” the connection being made, followed by “hangup” and this looping over and over.

However, your reference to “two nodes on one server” now has me wondering if I have overlooked perhaps a limit to the number of nodes on one server? I have two public nodes 450520 and 450521 but also a local, private node (1070) controlling a local device, all on the same raspberry pi. I have experimented with having a second server running one of 4505xx (again, on the same Pi) but that didn’t resolve the issue.

Could it be I should just setup one of the two above nodes on another Pi? I am planning to have about 9 repeaters hubbing (if that’s a word) through 450520 so maybe it should have a dedicated Pi anyway?


There is some realistic limit to the numbers of nodes you can run on one server but it is well above 2. The HamVoIP guys recommend 1 node per Pi server. That may be realistic for USB devices connected to a Pi. For a beefier box supporting RTCM’s and/or dahdi/pseudo much larger node count is possible. I have a server with 10 nodes (8 RTCMs, 2 DAHDI/pseudo) with less than 10% CPU utilization and less than 100Mb memory used. dahdi_test is better than 99.9%.

Thx. If one of my nodes is a DAHDI/pseudo node being used as a Hub, then do I still need to include a stanza for that node in usbradio.conf?

You do not. dahdi/pseudo is specifically intended for nodes with no device attached.

I am still working through this. A question comes to mind, if I have implemented node extensions (e.g. 45052 is now 450520 and i can add 450521, …22, etc). does this change anything in how I enter things in my .conf files or do I treat those node numbers the same as “regular” node numbers?

Yes, you setup NNX nodes just like regular nodes. The .conf files rpt.conf, extensions.conf and iax.conf must match the new NNX node number(s).

I now have things working properly. I had to go back to an earlier working set of .conf files and add changes one step at a time and now it works. I am not sure what I did wrong before that broke it in a way that I was unable to identify, but it is now working and I learned a lot in the process. Doing some soak testing now. Sorry for the distraction on this one. Thank you WD6AWP and others for help. I really appreciate this forum and the generous support from those who are more experienced than me.

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