People cut out whie talking

OK, This is driving me nuts. I goto a node and listen. Folks are talking back and forth, but as they are talking, it’s like they unkey the mike for a couple of seconds and it comes back talking as normal. Is there a setting that has to be changed in timeout??? I have a pi3 connected to a UV-82 w/ARA-1 soundboard.
Anyone else run into this issue. Thanks

Does your transmit light come on when the audio drops out? I suspect the answer to that is yes based on what you said about Supermon. I still think your in full duplex mode somehow.

Yes the light does. In what files would you suggest I check. I checked the Pi setting in PUTTY and is set to 1/2 duplex and rpt.conf file it is set to 1. I’m game to try or look in any file. Thanks

What is an ARA-1 Soundboard?

Announcing the Allstar Radio Interface, ARA-1, ARA-1+
Two new models of USB FOB’s the ARA-1 and the ARA-1+ are now being produced for Allstar interfacing. They
both offer easy to interface radio ports. The ARA-1+ extended GPIO model has all unused GPIO bits available.
The boards also have a COS indicator which can be configured to show receive signal. Here are the key features.

  • Boards use genuine CM119B crystal-less chips with 8 bit GPIO
  • Excellent audio quality and stability
  • Option for COS inversion via on-board jumpers
  • Heartbeat, PTT, and COS indicators.
  • Quality thru-hole boards are easy to modify if necessary
  • All I/O is RFI filtered
  • Short USB cable and leaded radio cable, GPIO cable for ARA-1+ are supplied
    The board ARA-1 has all the connections you will need to interface a radio to your Allstar computer. If you need
    additional GPIO the ARA-1+ has connection pads for GPIO bits 1,2,5,6,7,8 plus ground and 5V. GPIO can be
    used for many things including channel steering, fans, AC control, etc

Look at rpt.conf for any (and all) lines that say duplex=<some number>. Change to 1 ie duplex=1 if it’s not already. You can also try duplex=0.

I found 2 lines. The where set to 1, so I changed them to 0, see what happens. Thanks

What’s their web site? Do they provide support for their product?