Nodes not accepting connections

I am missing something in the configuration of my two repeater nodes. They are both connected to AllStarLink and green. But I can’t get them to connect to each other. Last night I was able to connect to other established NODES but not between the two.

Looking at the AST LOG I see that one node is rejecting because 57390@radio-secure does not exist.

The other one doesn’t even show the red banner attempting to connect. No such context/extension.

chan_iax2.c: Rejected connect attempt from, request ‘57390@radio-secure’ does not exist

chan_iax2.c: Call rejected by No such context/extension

Any guidance would be appreciated.

If both nodes are behind the same NAT on different servers, you will need to define them in rpt.conf
Like the internal nodes except the local ip adress of them.
Public or private it is the same.

29283 = radio@,NONE ← this is a internal description

29283 = radio@192.168.123:4569/29283,NONE this would describe a node in my NAT on a different box.

You will have to do this for each local nat connection.

You should be able to visualize that the registration is your external IP.
When a connection is inside your nat, it has no path. You must create it as above.

Thanks Mike

Your comment makes sense, and I found a couple typos on the file. Unfortunately, I have the same issues.

My router ports ate opened to each server. I reset Asterisk, I rebooted the servers just in case. Verified that the edits were saved and all.

These are the lines I edited:
Server 1
57388 = radio@,NONE
57390 = radio@,NONE
1999 = radio@,NONE

Server 2
57390 = radio@,NONE
57388 = radio@,NONE
1999 = radio@,NONE

I also tried adding the public IP’s but same results.



Got it working now. I removed the port reference on both and it went through. Thanks again.

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