Node receive level constant when not keying

When I check the receive level of my node there is constant signal above the 5khz level even when not transmitting to the node radio which is an Alinco 135. I must be getting rf from somewhere . Can anyone help?

I’m not familiar with the Alinco 135 but… audio deviation above 5kHz could be open squelch noise. That would be an indication of no RF signal. This would be normal if the audio is not squelch gated out of the radio. I would not expect any squelch noise to be there when transmitting except maybe in cross-band repeat mode.

What exactly is the problem with the node?

Simpleusb or usbradio?

USBRadio. Cant’ connect to the node at all.

Being interference as you describe,
you need to track the source.
Start disconnecting things or use a different rx .
LED & CFL lights are likely sources. Some radios have anomaly ‘birdies’ (internal self generation).