Node issues on dvswitch

I have a problem on dvswitch i have programed everything correct my node number password opened up ports on router configured iax2 the problem is when I connect to my node it keeps repeating connecting to node. Like it’s on a loop.
I give up any help appriciated it’s not allowing me to upload a video on my post.

Can you upload a video on Youtube?

How are you trying to test connection to your node?
Can you provide your node # for us to test out?

Hi Yes i can provide you the node number which is 538710 not to good on you tube but if you provide me your email address i can send you the file.

See it that works for link on youtube

Also, not showing you as registered on AllStar. I suspect some other issues are happening with your network, router, or node itself.

What software are you running on the node?

Router and all that is fine I am using it on dvswitch i also have another node which is number 45060 that works fine it’s just this node 538710 that giving me a problem.
I am not sure if anyone can looking in to this node for me.