Node died after months of running

Just started tonight. Running the Repeater Builder RIM Lite as my interface and I tried another one with the same results.

Connected to Asterisk GIT d1e9a8b currently running on AH6LE-HUB (pid = 1690)
Verbosity was 0 and is now 3
[Dec 5 18:22:35] NOTICE[1696]: app_rpt.c:22591 rpt_master: RPT thread restarted on 1100
[Dec 5 18:22:35] WARNING[1696]: app_rpt.c:22603 rpt_master: rpt_thread restarted on node 1100
– Re-Loading config for repeater 1100
[Dec 5 18:22:35] WARNING[1791]: channel.c:3051 ast_request: No channel type registered for ‘SimpleUSB’
[Dec 5 18:22:37] NOTICE[1696]: app_rpt.c:22591 rpt_master: RPT thread restarted on 1100
[Dec 5 18:22:37] WARNING[1696]: app_rpt.c:22603 rpt_master: – Re-Loading config for repeater 1100
rpt_thread restarted on node 1100

rpt.conf, modules.conf, simpleusb.conf all look fine

Well…tried everything I could think of and finally had to figure something was majorly corrupt on the SD card so I took a new card, reinstalled and all is OK now. Interestingly, the apparently failed SD card was only in service for 6 months

It is now possible to run a RPI from a USB SSD drive and those are way easier to maintain in a good shape for a lot longuer time. I know those draw a lot more amp than an uSD card and they cost more, but we can have some nice 120Gig SSD for cheap Look at this.

120G kinston at newegg

With a simple USB to Sata adaptor you are in business Like this one

More stable and you can save your logs on the disk. Before it fills up you will have 3 time the chance to replace the RPI or repeater

I’ve been wanting to try that. How do you image the drive and get the Pi to boot it?

10 years ago, I did it on a intel atom board. I just copied a usb sd stick to ssd using a clone program.
The original was a normal acid install on a sata mounted sd card. A mounted volume is a mounted volume and cloneable

But linux has command line options for copying whole drive contents with boot record using ’ dd ’ but your devices need to be unmounted.
I can’t begin to remember the options but I’m sure you can find them.

I will say I had so many less problems with sd cards when I started using korean made cards like samsung. You get what you pay for sometimes. But ssd is the way to go especially if you do a lot of experimenting. But quality here can be a issue as well. Whole disk imaging on occasion works well for backup of any media.