NOAA Space WX Conditions Script

I’m curious if anyone has a script to have your node read off current solar conditions? (It would be something similar to the weather condition script.) If so, would you be willing to share? I’ve tried a few searches on Google and haven’t found anything.


There is a setting for solar stations.

I realize now that I wasn’t super clear in my question. This would be the ability for the node to tell me the current NOAA space weather conditions. I apologize for the confusion.

I got ya. How about changing the title for clarity? Can you click the edit pencil near the title?

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Yeah - I had one of these working on an old Centos5 install of Allstar.
At some point, the space weather folks required an https connection and the SSL in Centos 5 did not support the required encryption - and apparently could not be upgraded. So it stopped working.

Basically what you need is:

wget wwv.txt

massage the wwv.txt text file a little then feed it to your favorite speech synthesizer to make 8K audio.

I used “swift” by, which was rather expensive as I recall. There are free text-to-speech options which probably don’t sound as good.

I also found it useful to put the resulting sound file through a 300 Hz high pass filter before sending it on the air.