NNX adding additional node to server

I am feeling rusty. I’ve done this before and can’t figure out what I am missing. I have a single server running. I currently have a private 1999 DMR bridge running on it, I have node 42177 running on it - both with no issues. I am trying to add one of my NNX nodes to the same server but am getting errors and before I cry out ‘bug’ I am certain the problem lies in me missing a step somewhere along the way.

So far I added this to rpt.conf

rxchannel = USRP/
duplex = 0
hangtime = 0
althangtime = 0
holdofftelem = 1
telemdefault = 0
telemdynamic = 0
linktolink = no
nounkeyct = 1
totime = 180000
idrecording = |ie
idtalkover = |ie

This to extensions.conf

HOMENPA = 999 ; change this to your Area Code
NODE = 42177 ; change this to your node number
NODE1 = 1999
NODE2 = 422971

And this to iax.conf


Could anyone please point out the obvious, that I, obviously am missing please?

Disregard…my mistake. I accidentally added the additional node under the iaxrpt stanza in the extensions.conf rather than the radio-secure stanza. Feeling a little foolish. :stuck_out_tongue:

Node number 42177 should be changed to 421770.

Was it an all in or not in beta? I had asked that 42297 and 42298 participate in the program, but didn’t really want to change my first node number to the new program if I didn’t have to. The 42177 seems to be connected to the network without any hiccups. If it is a requirement, I can update my contacts, it just might take a bit. :wink:

Sorry, my mistake. I thought 42177 was to be changed to NNX. Looking closer, I see that you have it all ok.