New Shari user, node not registered at

Searched and did not find anything that looked like this topic. Hopefully this is the right place to post this.

Last night, got my Shari node working on a Raspberry pi 3 and was able to monitor a node where a couple of guys were chatting. Unfortunately, they were leaving very little space between key ups so I had trouble disconnecting. Started looking and it appeared that I needed to configure Supermon to be able to disconnect quickly so, I did. Now my node (55112) is showing up as not registered on the site. My node is periodically reporting time to my HT and responds to commands through the supermon web interface. Of course it will not connect to other nodes. I’ve checked my /etc/asterisk/iax.conf file and it appears to be configured properly. Not sure where to look next. I’m sure I’ve left out some critical piece of intel here but not sure what it would be.

Any help would be appreciated


Sam, hang in there…
I am not familure with shari so much or supermon…

But for the next folks that read this that might be able to zero you in…
Are you using hamvoip or stock asl ?

The first thing to check is that your registration string in iax.conf matches that in web portal setup.

Considering that you were connected and reg’d, That something you did when running/installing supermon fudged things up.

But I don’t know that.

You don’t need to disconnect quickly as your tx will drop to links when it sees dtmf.

That’s about all I can say at this point. Do you have additional info ?

Hey Mike.
Thanks for the reply. I agree it just about has to be a configuration item in one or more of the files that come with SuperMon…which looks to be a pretty cool tool. The registration string in the iax.conf matches the web portal setup. I thought it wouldn’t but when I finally found it, the setup for the Supermon, which is included in the ASL image for my Rpi, appears to have gotten that right. If I hadn’t been connected last night, I would probably think I got the port forwarding wrong at my router but that’s probably no the case. I think the best clue is that the AllStarLink site says I’m not registered. Not sure what else I could supply.

Thanks again

Sam, if you are saying that this did reg before installing supermon…
then repost your question anew and make it a supermon / registration question.
shari should have no bearing on this issue and not many have experience with it outside of some new users. So many may be passing over it.
But if it did not ever reg… forget I said that.
But you might try a reg issue thread…

Problem resolved. It was a configuration issue with Supermon. I used a video I found that ended up being incomplete in its instructions.

I might ask you to explain that so others might receive help from your post as well.
You are not likely the only one.