New Node Question

Just Installed a new node and the audio etc is all working fine, but whenever I go and try to get info for the node etc the following happens…

On the bubble map the bubble is Red and says Node xxxx Not in Database.

Also I get the message below

“Can not find info for node 53375, invaild node number or a temporary communications error, please try again later.”

I’ve looked at the page and the node is in there.

Is there something I’m missing or does the system just need to “catch up”?

Thanks in advance


Make sure the statspost_url= line is uncommented.

Thanks for the response, I’ve checked and the correct parts are uncommented.

The node number in question is 53375.

I believe it is set up the same as my other nodes, which all work correctly.

Not sure if it is an issue at the Allstar side or my end?

Many thanks in advance



There are some known issues that we need to work on concerning how stats are posted. This is something the team is aware of and will work toward a better system after the dust settles a little because of our recent upgrade with the more important parts of the system. We appreciate you letting us know and we ask for your patience as we transition and upgrade the rest of the system.

Stats and registration are separate systems and proper registration doesn’t rely on stats to work correctly for registration to work correctly. In other words, your nodes registration is the important part, and that part is working correctly with our new system. Stats is a “nice to have” and we’ll get it working like it should eventually. I just don’t want people to think that because they don’t “see” their node registered on stats doesn’t mean it isn’t.

Kevin W3KKC