New Install Cant access Menu

I have just installed allstarlink on a NUC. On startup I login OK and the prompt is then repeater@192. I enter sudo asl-menu but it says command not found. What am I missing?
Thanks, Howard, VK4BS

I am guessing that the problem is that I cannot connect to a mirror. I have a working WiFi connection and Internet connection so there should not be a problem. How do I get around that?

Now a new problem that is the cause of the original post. It seems that my network connection (both Wi-Fi and Ethernet) were not functioning when doing the original installation, hence no access to a mirror. With the beta installation they worked fine during installation and allowed connection to the mirror but once the installation finished they no longer connected to the network using either dhcp or static addressing. The operating system says they are open but the interface is not working. With static addressing the Wi-Fi has an ip address ok but will not connect to the network making it unusable.
I welcome any suggestions as I have run out of ideas to solve this problem.

sudo isn’t installed. The first command on the line is what Linux assumes to be the program to run

Thanks AH6LE. My latest post shows that I have moved past that point but now have a problem with network access post installation. Really scratching my head over that…

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