Need help with AllStar setup (ARCOM RC210 and Yaesu DR-1X)

We are close! We have voice one way, but not the other.

Equipment: RPi (of course), Yaesu DR-1X VHF repeater, ARCOM RC210 controller, and the URIx interface. There is also a Motorola CDM1250 UHF link radio.

We have good receive audio at the Yaesu repeater over the Internet using AllStar. However, when we transmit into the Yaesu repeater, we can hear the PTT operating remotely via AllStar but only very weak audio.

I have checked the trimmer pots in the RC210 controller and they don’t seem to make a difference. We have also tried setting the levels in the SimpleUSB software.

Can someone help us close the loop?

Could you sketch up a block diagram of your system and post? Nothing fancy needed. Just a scan or photo of drawing on paper would do. That would help us troubleshoot the audio level problem.

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