Need help setup for allstar

I’m getting back to hamradio I don’t know how setup my radio icom 7900 for digital communications and echolink

Did you mean Yaesu 7900 or Icom 9700 ?

Just trying to figure out what exactly you have and want to do and that started with the radio and “mode”
and ‘digital’ is a broad brush to paint with any more.

So, sorry, but please give me the long explanation.

It’s the 9700 setup for echolink and dstar? What do I need besides the radio to connect digital mode and echolink

You do not need a radio to connect to digital modes and echolink, so let’s proceed without that discussion. If you want to start a new thread about connection of the radio to ASL would be better.
Just trying to make it more straight forward and less confusing.

I need to know what you have configured, if anything…
Do you have a running ASL ? and if so, on a Pi or PC ?

Let me add some wiki pages in the case you have no knowledge of any of it.

Then perhaps you can ask specific questions

Also see DVSwitch for digital modes directly from asl/server.