My homebuilt server is at least partially working. Can I test its real world operation?

I would like to make a test contact to get a little positive feedback before attempting to install Allmon. Is that possible, and if so, how? Thanks.

I think to get a answer for you, you might want to share how you are accessing your node,
as far a listening to it
and commanding it

For instance,
your node is a simplex node and you access it through a HT for listening and commanding.
Your node is a stand-alone hub node (radioless) and you listen to and command it via iaxrpt or a sip phone etc.

nobody knows it you have to command it with a computer command line or DTMF

But, you are welcome to connect and listen to traffic on my node 49999 where there is nobody to converse with, but listening to traffic on YSF network most times.
DTMF *349999 (connects in tx node to 49999)

If you need help with commands, just say so.

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the responses. I forget what I have posted and what I have not.

My node is simplex and I do access it through an HT. At this point, I have a monitor and keyboard attached for programming and an ethernet cable from my internet router to the RPi. I have heard transmissions from the node to my HT that consist of test tones and also my callsign sent in CW. When I key the mic on the HT, I can see the green LED on the BF-888S in the node light up, so I know that the 888S is at least receiving a carrier from my HT. I have a power LED on the node which lights when I have power, an LED on the node which flashes in sync with the LED on the sound card fob, and a third LED on the node which lights whenever the 888S in the node transmits. So, there are lots of things which are working as they should. I have tried to measure the volume of the received audio from my HT by using the meter test in ASL, but I have not been able to make that work.

Thanks for offering to let me access your node, and yes I do need help with commands… For example, I don’t even know how to try to access your node.


Yes, now I have a better understanding.

So, I am going to suguest to you that you install this on a windows PC in your home network.

This will give you a quick GUI interface to learn and work from.
It will allow you to both command your node and communicate with the radio side of it and you will learn firsthand what it sounds like.
Take your time and read/execute the install with care.

So, you can use it to issue commands to your node.
The basic things to know are connecting and disconnecting other nodes to your node.
*1 xxxxx disconnect node xxxxx
(star one xxxxx)

*2 xxxxx connect to node xxxxx in monitor only mode
*3 xxxxx connect to node xxxxx in full transceiver mode

So to connect to my node 49999 in monitor mode…

*70 will announce the connected status of nodes to you.

That should get you started

Hi Mike,
I have downloaded and installed iaxRpt on my desktop Win10 computer, and am now attempting to set it up. Hopefully, I will be able to get through the process without asking too many questions. Thanks for your help.

I am almost finished with the ASL configuration, and I think there is only one problem left. When I am in part 4. of the ASL Main Menu using option 2, I press the PTT button on the external HT and speak, I do not get any movement in the on-screen level meter even though the green LED on the BF-888S in the node lights and stays lit as long as I hold the PTT button down on the external HT. That makes me believe that no audio is being received by the BF-888S in the node. What could be the reason for that?

Could it have anything to do with the COS signal not being properly inverted or not? I am trying to test that in the corresponding part of the test section of the setup procedure, but I don’t really understand what I am supposed to change.

Any help would be appreciated greatly.


Well, yes, the cos signal may be inverted or even double inverted, and that’s hard to explain.

First, I need you to say what you mean by external ht.
The simplex node radio or a handheld you are talking to the same with ?
You can not press the PTT on the node radio and get proper activity.
Open the squelch on node radio and the COS should be active and all is good, or is it ?

Yeah, by HT, I mean Handie Talkie that I am using to talk via RF to/from the node radio.

The only way to adjust the squelch level on a BF-888S is via software, and I don’t know if I can get the programming cable plugged in or not. I will check.

edited to add. I cannot access the programming jacks on the node BF-888S without disassembling it, which I would rather not do unless it has to be done.

Well, I think you have a couple of options.
1 - there should be a button on the radio to open the squelch while you hold it.
2 - test the cos by manually toggling it with voltage or restrict to ground depending on your logic.(disconnect COS line)