Moto GM-300 Code Plug settings?

Trying to obtain the information on how to program the code plug info for the “Radio Wide” settings on a Motorola GM-300 with a Raspberry Pi.

My son sent me two radios to set up for Allstar and I’m not sure (for the life of me can’t remember) how I should set the “radio wide” accessory settings and also the accessory connector pin setting that are set after selecting “F9 Other Accessories”. Needed for both Rx and TX.

I think the receive radio is set for “Accessory Internal” as "DTMF, Accessory External is set for “Rick-Rx” and the pin 8 (Data Clock Out) is set high — not sure about pin 4 or the other pin settings.

I have the TX radio working ok, but my RX radio keeps the TX radio keyed up as it has squelch noise all the time even though I have the PL set for CSQ+PL. So Im thinking I have one of the RX radio accessory pins set wrong.

So if someone could share their code plug settings it sure would be appreciated.

Thank you I/A

This can be closed out, made it work by rewriting some code…


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