Low Power Mode when RX is Inactive

Hello All,

I’m looking for a way to put the Repeater into low power mode with a GPIO after the RX has been inactive for x minutes. This would be like the Elke mode, but not to kill TX. Anyway to do this in app_rpt without an external Microcontroller?

Don’t personally know, but I’d start here:


With what you are wanting to do,
you will need to research ‘on event programming’ to determine that the rx is inactive for ‘X’ time and when true, change the state of gpio.

Or you can do the same with a external script making calls to asterisk. In this way, it can be made a service and start/stop-able.

I would look into a script called tx_fan which keeps a GPIO active for x minutes after the last activity. Reverse the sense of what it’s doing in your mind. Activate a GPIO UNTIL activity and keep it active until x minutes after the last activity ends. The GPIO active puts the repeater into low power until needed.