Length of time to be approved?

Could the powers to be advise how long it takes to be approved on the allstarlink dot org so that one could request a node number? It’s been several days since a friend signed up and he hasn’t been able to access the portal page to apply for a node number so I can’t get his Amateur repeater setup finished and back to him until he gets a number. Thanks

What is you friends call sign? I’ll check it out for him.


Thank you sir,

The database shows the account for KD5KJZ is all set. Randy should be all set to login and create a server and submit a node request.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Told you FB was not the place to ask a question to the powers that be.

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Thank you sir for your assistance. Greatly appreciated.


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I have applied for a account with all-star but still had no response? I have checked trash/spam!



I’ve enabled you AllStarLink account. You should be able to login now.

Not sure what’s up with your hotmail account, but you might double check it’s correct on your AllStarLink Account.

Still unable to log in so can’t access it to check.


Ignore that I am now in


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