Is this a Hacker eMAIL I received?

Subject: AllStar Community Notice - Changes Needed

If your node number is listed above, please change your registration configuration to: ;where nnnn = node, ppppp=passwd

Failure to make the change will render your node unable to connect to other AllStar nodes when we decommission the server. Let us know if you need help or further information. The announcement regarding the decommissioning of old 2 server will be posted later.

In addition to above, there is another change that these nodes and possible others may need. All nodes should have a conf file named dnsmgr.conf in the /etc/asterisk directory. It should look like this:


enable=yes ; enable creation of managed DNS lookups
; default is ‘no’*
refreshinterval=300 ; refresh managed DNS lookups every seconds
; default is 300 (5 minutes)*

Once you make that change, restart your node and run the command shown below. You should see the Y under dnsmgr.

*CLI> iax2 show registry

Host dnsmgr Username Perceived Refresh State Y 2530 xx.xx.xx.xx:4569 60

Not hacker, that was me. You should have gotten a later one from me as well. That one said to ignore the previous message.