Iphone access to my node

Hey gents…I am relatively new to All Star but really using it alot and enjoying the heck out of it.
I have a repeater and node both in Jupiter Flodia, and Grand Lake CO…my second home.
I will be driving back to FL later this week. I good friend of mine showed me how to access my nodes via an iphone…all was working so great except I believe there is now a glitch in it…it is not recognizing my input information. Can one of the administrator check into this and see if it can be fixed? TY…I made a contribtuion last week…because I so enjoy this mode of operation. Mark WC3W


Thanks for your contribution and glad to hear that you are enjoying AllStar.

Please tell us how you are using the iPhone with your node as there area number of ways. Are you using Zoiper, calling a phone number or some other way?

The best bet for ‘controlling’ your nodes at a distance ‘from a iphone’ would be a softphone ‘sip’ connection.
LinPhone …etc

But without you stating what you were using on the iphone that is now giving you trouble or method, I would be afraid everyone would be at a loss as to what you are talking about.
There is no official app. No development I am aware of.