Intial Boot Chg Password Error

I get the following error after installing a new image on a PI3, “Authentication token manipulation error”. The image boots and I can login with repeater, allstarlink but when I change the password I get the above error. I have tried different SD cards and Win32diskimager and Etcher. Image file is ASL_1.01-20180228-armhf-raspbian-stretch-image. I am burning the images using Win10. I can burn a Raspbian OS on the same SD cards and it runs find. What am I missing?

Welcome! Are you changing the password for user repeater? Are you using the menu or the CLI?

For repeater this is the initial boot where it forces you to change the password. I did try rebooting but same problem.

If I could read I’d be dangerous. The password it is asking for first is the current, allstarlink, then you enter the new one twice. All working now.

I know the feeling, having not read the directions way too many times myself. :slight_smile: