Installation voter card

Hi everyone I was in possession of two voter cards now reading in the wiki I managed to configure and make them talk to the server by enabling the voter module I can’t configure the GPS section having two GPS modules I tried several options but I cannot continue at random is It is possible to have clarifications on the setting inside the card and also in the voter.conf

@iu0ndt, Sorry your post has not been answered for so long.

It’s bee a while since I configured a GPS for voter board. I think 8,none,1 is the typical GPS baud setting. Which GPS unit are you using?

Yes bye and thanks for the answer and I saw that my question is not so fashionable I received two cards of the first series of voters those with traditional components and the pic 33fj128 were loaded with the signature of 1.51 now I updated them to version 3.00 And they work perfectly now wanting to activate the voter and simulcast function I need the connection with the GPS and the two have two neo-6m-001 modules I recreated the voter. So letting them communicate half of programming it went but I would need the configuration relating to the GPS part I can’t understand the speed if it is 4 600 or 19200 and the various other settings the documents I was following this votersystem.pdf
Here I stop here …

Logged in Successfully, Now Joining Console Session …

Select The Following Values to view/Modify:

1 - Serial # (4342) (Which is Mac Addr 00: 04: A3: 00: 10: F6)
2 - Voter Server Address (FQDN) (XXX.DNS.NET)
3 - Voter Server Port (667), 4 - Local Port (Override) (0)
5 - Password Client (XXX), 6 - Host Password (XX)
7 - TX Buffer Length (3000)
8 - GPS Data Protocol (0 = nmea, 1 = tsip) (1)
81 - GPS Type (0 = Normal Tsip, 1 = Trimble Thunderbolt) (1)
82 - GPS Time Offset (Seconds to Add for Correction) (1024)
9 - GPS serial polarity (0 = non -inverted, 1 = inverted) (1)
10 - GPS PPS polarity (0 = non -Inverted, 1 = inverted, 2 = none) (2)
11 - GPS Baud Rate (19200)
12 - External CTCSS (0 = ignore, 1 = non -Inverted, 2 = inverted) (1)
13 - Cor Type (0 = Normal, 1 = Ignore Cor, 2 = No Receiver) (1)
14 - Debug Level (32)
15 - Alt. Voter Server Address (FQDN) ()
16 - Alt. Voter Server Port (Override) (667)
17 - DSP/BEW Mode Not Supported
18 - “Duplex Mode 3” (0 = Disabled, 1-255 Hang Time) (1/10 SECS) (0)
19 - Simulcast launch delay (200) (landing 200 ns, 5 = 1us,> 0 to ena sc)
97 - RX Level, 98 - Status, 99 - Save Values to Eeprom
I - IP Parameters Menu, or - Offline Mode Parameters Menu, S - Squelch Menu
Q - Disconnect Remote Console Session, R - Reboot System, D - Diagnostics

Enter Selection (1-19,81-82,97-99, I, o, s, r, q, d):

Looks like those modules do not have 1PPS the voter board / RTCM needs. Have you seen the voter information on our Wiki, specifically VOTER-GPS - AllStarLink Wiki?

Yes, I also read this even if some parts of the document are a dark bit for me anyway the two GPS modules that I have are neo-6m-001 would correspond to this UBLOX model GPS now rereading better I found “” "Data is ttl, so make up to set the jumpers Inside the rtcm for ttl data. Baud Rate is 9600 by default, and uses nmea. Those accordingly set in the configuration menu “”
ok now I try … I’ll let you know

GPS-DEBUG: $GPRMC,223955.00,A,4150.43838,N,01236.40754,E,0.121,260123,A*7C
GPS-DEBUG: mon: 1, gps_time: 1674773819, ctime: Thu Jan 26 22:56:59 2023

Now I managed to connect the card to
GPS and now I have a new problem that this is this

Chan_voter.c: 4551 Voter_reader: voter client tuscolana deeds to authenticate as gps-timing-based with no master timing source defined !!

what am I missing ? I configured the GPS.conf … I completely not my node for the tests is on external cluod and I have to put it on a rasperry and connect it to a GPS …?
Thanks for your help