Incoming connections, timeout, 4569, echolink ports and dvmobile

I am not sure what I am missing but I had seen this
“Send an email to the list requesting your port number be forced to 4569, and one of the network maintainers will do this for you.”
and wondered what it was about? I can connect out but still not sure about incoming. I cant seem to get the dvmobile app to register either.

Is there some sort of a test all diagnostics program that can be run or is there a way to know what for sure is missing? I have spent a lot of time on this in the last few weeks and seem to be chasing my tail. I have several allstar features going no problem on the pi2 I have, like broadcastify, autosky weather stuff and its all working. I port forwarded in the router. I also have Echolink setup as well and that seems to timeout as well even with those ports enabled. The nodes I have are 513960 and 513961 and they are both on the same pi2 at the tower site. I can remote into the pi and router as well.