Iaxrpt connection over LAN?

I have managed iaxrpt access to my allstar node when travelling. IP address as x.x.x.x:4569. What I can’t do is access my node from within my LAN. I was assuming i could set up a call to for example and that would work…but it fails to connect. Any suggestions? Thx. Adrian VE7NZ

It is supposed to work like that. Unless you went on making some rules to reject Lan connection in your firewall.

I will ask the obvious. Are you on the same subnet as the asterisk machine?
Are you sure of the local ip address of the asterisk machine? is likely the first ip address given by the dhcp service on most consumer level routeur.

if you are using dhcp. did you request the routeur to have a reserved ip to the asterisk machine?

sometimes simple things are worth rechecking

Hi Pierre -

Yes to all your questions, but more importantly and embarassingly, it turned to be a password mistype. Sorry for the distraction. 73.

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