How to make or influence updates to app_rpt (*.conf documentation) and the wiki?

I’m finding documentation errors and omissions at which I’m willing to update, but find I can’t login. If I need a separate account from, then I would expect to find a way to generate a “wiki” account; where is the “how to” for this?

Some of these documentation issues I’d like to see corrected also impact omissions in the release of rpt.conf in the ASL build. Do I report these here? I’d like to update the wiki so it is useful in the interim. Or, I can just compile a list of recommended changes and send them to the helpdesk. Please advise.


" WiKi Getting Started

You do not need an account on this site to use it. However, if you would like to help us document AllStar then please do request an account using the link above. The items below are Media WiKi provided instructions for using the WiKi."

Its the part about “do request an account using the link above” that I don’t get… what link? I don’t see it anywhere on the page.


We have had some issues of people making unauthorized changes on the wiki. Feel free to send us the changes you believe should be made and we can update the wiki.

  1. rpt.conf

eannmode = 1 ; 1 = Say only node number on echolink connects
(default = 1)
; 2 = say phonetic call sign only on
echolink connects
; 3 = say phonetic call sign and
node number on echolink connects

Add: “; 0 = No Echolink Announcements” in rpt.conf

It is correct in Wiki section on Echolink.conf

  1. Rpt.conf - AllStarLink Wiki and
    Rpt.conf - AllStarLink Wiki

Echolink not addressed in “How to” as referenced in rpt.conf “etxgain=” and
“erxgain=.” It is addressed in Echolink.conf


  1. Rpt.conf - AllStarLink Wiki

rpt.conf reference to dial should include a valid link to the “dial
rpt.conf” file or include the data here.

  1. Troubleshooting - AllStarLink Wiki

Under “Thing(s) to try,” third row “Check your registration settings in
/etc/iax.conf to see if they are correct.” It seems this should be

  1. Rpt.conf - AllStarLink Wiki

1 = 3200032001 ; connect to nodes 2000 and 2001

Should this not be? “1 = 3200032001#”

Also, it seems there should be a section on the use of macros and how to use
commands in macros, e.g.:

;1 = 32011#
;2 =
;3 = 3200132011
934 = *934# ;cop,34 ; Local Telemetry Output
937 = *937# ;cop,37 ; Foreign Link Local Output
Path Disable

Then, Rpt.conf - AllStarLink Wiki

startup_macro = 722937*943 ;see above macro setup for this

I’ll send more as I run across them. It seems to me the wiki should be more
than a partial syntax dictionary. It should include the breadth of usage for
the key/value pairs in the stanza