How to disconnect non numeric nodes

Some nodes, like SIP -P node and IAX clients appear to be nodes without a numeric value.

How can one disconnect them from a radio using DTMF commands? *1xxx is obviously not possible. and even *70 disconnect all does not seem to disconnect these. I am just wondering if anyone can help.

Disconnecting from Supermon works. Just need to select the node and click disconnect.

*70 is just to check status
*76 is to disconnect all nodes

Give that a try.

Put the radio on its own node, and the others on a second node that can be disconnected from the radio node.


I have got *70 as disconnect all:

70 = ilink,6 ; disconnect all

Does not disconnect -P nor IAX connections.

I was thinking about that. The drawback is I do not get notification when SIP connects to the secondary node on my primary node.