History of Allstarlink Inc. and donations

Allstarlink Inc., is the non-profit entity that was created after Jim Dixon’s untimely death.

There are a lot of Ham tech support people within the Allstarlink community that picked up the slack when Jim passed away. It really does take a team to keep everything going and to educate new Hams and new allstarlink nodes. I see how many thankless hours they work as a team, in the spirit on Ham and education, to keep everything going. Allstarlink is really a great network and I am sure that Jim Dixon would be really proud of the way it has evolved and how many hams came forward to support allstarlink by keeping everything running, providing tech support, signing up new nodes, and constantly working on improvements.

I noticed the bank account is getting a little low and we use this money to pay to keep the organization alive and pay its expenses. Allstarlink is an all volunteer team with no paid employees. If you would like to donate your time, please reach out to me. We could especially use help on the Unix/Linux admin side and people who write code.

I urge you all to make your tax deductible contributions to Allstarlink by PayPal to: donations@allstarlink.org

We also have a PayPal link our web site at https://web-tpa.allstarlink.org

Thanks for helping us keep things running.