Help define new Mac application

I’m developing a native Mac client that connects to an AllStar node, similar to IaxRpt.

The idea is to be able to receive/transmit and perform basic node management. If you’ve always wished for a Mac application, now you have the opportunity to provide feedback and influence its making.

If you feel inclined, head over to

Mac App Survey

and answer a dozen or so questions.

Your participation is very much appreciated.

Georges WH6GJL

I filled out your survey regarding the Mac client for AllStarLink and I’d be very interested in helping test it when you are ready for testers. I haven’t seen any more comment from you or about your project on the mailing list. How’s it going and are you getting to a point where you can release anything to testers?

Peter WA7FUS

Thanks for the ping Peter. I’ve been busy making improvement and fixing the most aggravating crashes. It’s getting closer to be able to do an open beta. If you entered your email during the survey you will be contacted shortly. If not send me a private message with your email and I’ll make sure you’re included.