Hangtime setting?

I notice that the squelch hangtime has a default of 5 seconds.
Not sure when this would be a good idea? (Should this be 1 second, or even less?)


Your option as there is a setting for hang time in rpt.conf. But 5 seconds is tolerable on a repeater. Not so much on a half duplex hotspot. Which are you setting up?

Would be nice to have true zero hangtime on a duplex=0 setup…

Ahh, I think I see.
I am taking about a half duplex hotspot.
This 5000 seems unusable.
Have 400 and that seems good, might even be able to go lower.

Not sure what the issue is if it is too low?


Hotspots don’t need any hang time. You might want to try setting duplex=0 in rpt.conf and see if you like it.

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I tried that and the timing now seems very “snappy”.
I have yet to find comprehensive explanation of all the settings…… but I guess that is what experimenting (purposeful fiddling) is all about :slight_smile:

I am also working on a headset full duplex mode, so will play with the “higher modes”

Thanks again for all the help on this!


There are comments in rpt.conf which explain many of the settings. Also the WiKi can help remove some of the mystery. Even so, it’s a long and steep learning curve. Glad I was able to help you over that hump.