Favorites.ini File Issue

I am a new user and need help with the Favorites.ini file. When I edit the file using the exact syntax that is shown, there are a couple of issue that take place.

First. When I have multiple listings of favorites, when I select a node to connect to, rather than connecting to the selected node, it connects to the next node in the list. You can see in the favorites.ini file syntax (looks correct) list of node favorites. Now look at the image and see that the favorite that was selected to be connected to is in the drop down menu, however, the node that was connected to is the next item in the list.

label[] = “WA2ZPX 51391”
cmd[] = “rpt cmd %node% ilink 3 51391”

label[] = “K1IC 47097”
cmd[] = “rpt cmd %node% ilink 3 47097”

Second, if I only have one favorite node in the list, I get this error message.

===== =====
ActionID: cpAction_22097582
Message: No command provided

Yet I am using the exact syntax that is listed in the file already. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks!