Example .conf files for a voter/rtcm

Is there an example set for the .conf files ( voter , rpt , … ) using rtcm’s ?
I can find individual ones but not a " set " or files that are from one server implementation .

I realize this is a big question , but just would like to look at a working set.

Initial setup using asl-menu didnt save node # … ( even after hitting save )so was editing manually with als-menu and nano .

It depends on which install of allstarlink you are using. Hamvoip does things differently than the Beta release for example.

Voter.conf is the same though and goes to each node stanza and then those nodes are told to use the voter rxchannel in rpt.conf.

What are you looking to do specifically and I am sure we/I can help you get it configured.


using allstar beta installed in debian 10 , also have downloaded and installed on a different computer 1.01 .

have just done the fresh install of 1.10 .

We have 4 rtcm’s one at master site with a repeater , and 3 satellite receive only sites .

we are attempting to replace a failed voter system ,

on the beta / deb 10 system I was expecting the .conf to get populated with a skeleton that gets completed , have not tried deb 9 / 1.01 computer doing that now.

Just if I can get a set of .conf that are a working example that’s close it would be helpful .


For a voter system you only need one node for the entire system. Therefore all the config files except voter.conf are identical, other than one minor change to rpt.conf, to a one node setup. Once you have a regular node running you are ready to work on voter.conf and the RTCM settings.

The change to rpt.conf is the channel driver for RTCMs. That is rxchannel = Voter/1234 where 1234 is your node number. This points into voter.conf which is were all your chanvoter settings are stored.

There is a sample voter.conf on the wiki Voter.conf - AllStarLink Wiki and there is a boatload of RTCM information at RTCM Client - AllStarLink Wiki.

I know this is overwhelming at first so feel free to post any specific questions you will have and we’ll get you through this.