"Error parsing device parameters"

Messed up a node install and starting over from asl-menu functions does not help. Node is 50 miles and 400 feet up so correcting from a fresh SD card build is not easy or timely.

simpleusb-tune menu returns “Error parsing device parameters”

Trying to translate/verify “devstr=” nomenclature in simpleusb_tune_<node#>.conf vs. data from lsub output…

Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0d8c:013a C-Media Electronics, Inc.

How should that be properly expressed and recognized in the .conf file?

devstr=1-4 ?

Any other places/files/strings that need to match up so asterisk recognizes the interface?

It’s probably not be the dev string. That writes itself when saved.

In rpt.conf check the rxchannel. The 1999 should be replaced with your node number.
rxchannel = SimpleUSB/usb_1999 ; SimpleUSB

In simpleusb.conf there should be a stanza of [usb_1999] but with your node number in place of 1999.

Also make sure in modules.conf that simpleusb is loaded.
load => chan_simpleusb.so ;CM1xx USB Cards with Radio Interface Channel Driver (No DSP)

Restart asterisk with astres.sh or reboot and try simpleusb-tune-menu again.

You need to be root sudo su - for all of the above.

Are you using the ASL 2.0.0beta?

Yes - ASL 2.0, Beta 6. 3rd node running it, this first live node on-site for us using it.

As to the issues stated - it appears coffee and less-fat-fingering corrected/aligned all of the node/interface declarations and it’s now working fine. (Backups saved!)


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