Echolink Questions

Hello, I just replaced an old windows pc with echolink for our repeater with an allstar node. Working great so far but I have had a few questions from people.

First, the chat box does not seem to work. Is this normal? If so, any way to get it to work?

Second, is there any way to change the node# to call sign in the text that is returned to the echolink client?

Thank you.


Someone who is more knowledgeable can correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know, Allstarlink’s built-in Echolink only supports the bare minimum needed to connect to Echolink and pipe audio through. It doesn’t support many of Echolink’s features, including text chatting.

bummer… Ok, thank you.

Although this will add complexity, there may be the option to add theLinkbox (tlb) on the Allstar node for EchoLink users. And use the chan_tlb module to connect Allstar to theLinkbox. This will also provide EchoLink users the features requested. A few are doing this now. See

David M.

you are correct. in rpt.conf

; Echolink announcement mode
; Default: 1 = Say only node number on echolink
; connects. 2 = say phonetic call sign only on
; echolink connects. 3 = say phonetic call sign
; and node number on echolink connects