Echolink Callsign Identifcation (Not Echolink Node Number)

Hi, All

I am the Hamvoip Image in my Raspberry Pi 3B

The system is working very well. I can tell if there is any script or configuration that can be seen
people who connect to the Echolink but instead of being the number of node to see them that you see the callsign ???
There’s something for that please.

Thank you


Ivan KP3IV


Did you ever figure this out? I would like to do the same thing that you wanted to do.

While I can’t speak to hamvoip, but as for asl…

;eannmode = 1 ; 1 = Say only node number on echolink connects (default = 1)
; 2 = say phonetic call sign only on echolink connects
; 3 = say phonetic call sign and node number on echolink connects

Now you did not say how you ‘see’ this…
If you are looking at it from a monitor/control like supermon etc…
It would be a question for that software likely as I do not know if it would pick it up from the system setting or have it’s own.