DVSwitch Mobile 2.x beta test available

We are happy to announce that DVSwitch Mobile (DVSM) version 2.x is now available for existing users to help us test the new features. See https://dvswitch.groups.io/g/Mobile/files/DVSM_2x.pdf
Our priority with DVSM 2.x was AllStar. We saw that some people had problems editing their iax.conf and extensions.conf to allow a DVSM connection. We decided to try to remove that friction. We have added two additional connection methods in DVSM 2.0.

The first is Web Transceiver (WT) mode. This connection mode simply leverages the existing WT infrastructure and existing iax.conf to allow DVSM to connect to a AllStar node. The sysop has complete control over inbound WT connections via the ASL Portal. To use WT mode with DVSM, you MUST have a valid account on allstarlink.org

The second is Node mode (NM) in this connection mode, DVSM is a AllStar node. DVSM registers with register.allstarlink.org exactly the same way as a AllStar node running on a hardware host or in the cloud. In short DVSM is the AllStar node.

Play store to install DVSM beta.
Join the beta test program
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Great work on this Steve. I had tried DVSM 1.x in June '22 but it had some issues on my phone so had not tried it again for awhile but just tried 2.0 today and it is working very well. Tried WT Mode and Node Mode and both work great, with excellent audio quality in parrot test with no adjustments needed. Since you announced this 1 year ago and Iā€™m only hearing about its support for WT and Node modes now it seems to be a well kept secret.