Double IP Address

On my node when I send the *B1 command for the local IP address the node will transmit the IP address and after about five numbers a second voice comes on repeating the IP address so you have two numbers being said on top of each other. At times it seems that the local IP address for the first voice and second voice were different end numbers but it’s hard to tell as they are on top of each other. I am running the latest updates - node 482181 and it’s a Shari PiHat U node. Any idea what is causing this.

The *B1 command must be a custom command from your node vendor, Shari. Perhaps someone with a Shari node will chime in here and answer your question.

My mistake it was *A1 Say Local IP not *B1 which is halt the system.

If your having two reports if IP you are using both Wire and Wireless connections from what is sounds like to me. Turn off or unplug one of them, then reboot, you should get only one report.