Discriminate tx and rx with ctcss tones

Hi everyone I wanted to ask if it was possible in a hub where several nodes are connected to discriminate the nodes in tx and rx with ctcss tones

That is a interesting question… Giving it some thought,
I would say that since Tone and CTCSS functions are a product of DSP in the audio of a sound FOB, that a hub would not have the ability.

Certainly, there are functions like ‘tonemacro’ that can execute based on incoming and unfiltered tone.
I am not sure where in the code tone macro executes. Perhaps give it a try. But not sure it would work with a hub.

If you try it, come back and tell us your results.

If you can better state your end goal, we may be able to help you get there by some means.

Thanks Mike for the encouragement I made a connection through svxlink_usrp and an allstar private node where a usb_radio is connected and I make it go towards the svxlink reflector and the question that arises now is to give the possibility as happens in svxlink that with the toni ctcss you can direct the streams to different channels or tg svx
I was looking for but I believe that it is not possible to use an asl hub and direct the flows via ctcss to the connected nodes by choosing only those with which I would like to talk

Well, you are on unfamilure tuft for me,
But, I think a try with ‘tonemacro’ executing a rx > tx / tx < rx (*2xxxx & *3xxxx)
Changing the mode of a connection on the fly by tonemacro
might have possibility if you try it.