Disable Hourly Time

Hi, I have been trying to sift through the forums for a way to disable the Hourly Time announcement. I have found some, but they do not match up with what I find in the files. And they are older posts. Just looking if someone has a more recent way to do this.
Thank you! Dan - KC0CAP

I assume you are running HamVoIP. Log into the admin menu then select 9 for bash shell.
At the # prompt type this:
crontab -l
You should see something like this:

15 03 * * * cd /usr/local/sbin; ./astdb.php cron
00 0-23 * * * (source /usr/local/etc/allstar.env ; /usr/bin/nice -19 /usr/bin/perl /usr/local/sbin/saytime.pl $NODE1 > /dev/null)

use crontab -e to edit the file.
put a # in front of the line starting with 00 0-23 * * *

exit the editor and restart the node.

Steve N4IRS

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In addition to what Steve posted, the 00-23 value can be changed to suit your preference. I have mine set to 08-21, or 8 AM to 9 PM as I like to leave the volume up a bit through the night but don’t want to be awakened every hour!

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