Difficulty in loading Allstar onto a VM

Hi all,
I’m a new Allstar user. I’m attempting to load Allstar onto a VM running Proxmox as the VM host. The computer is a Lenovo M93. I’ve created the VM and have loaded Debian 10 as the OS. When I try to load Allstar per the instructions in item 4 of the ASL FAQ, I get errors as I try to execute the Install-Allstar-Repository. The error points to a problem in line 16 of the process. I’m still a newbie in Linux. Could someone point me to a good location or give me some pointers so I can load Allstar onto my VM running Debian 10?

Dave, WA6IFI

See the beta install instructions at Downloads section of the Wiki. These instructions have been updated recently.

Hi Dave. Contact me in email - you can safely load (and use) the 64 bit version of ASL available at GitHub. I have it running on 3 different Proxmox VMs and they work great

I’ll do that later today, I hope. Happy New Year, Buddy,