Cronjob for Beaconing using allstar

I trying to setup a Crontab to have my node beacon every 4 hours of everyday with my callsign. I’m not sure I have the part after the node number correct, I wanted to use my call sign for this node.
15 x4 * * * //usr/bin/asterisk -rx localplay 41631 iderecording=|ide WXXXX
Thanks for your help

Because you are beaconing an ID it would be better to use status 11 rather than localplay. That’s because localplay will cause the ID timer to trigger and you could have two IDs together.

Test the status 11 command on the Asterisk CLI to insure it plays correctly. The xxx is meaningless and can be anything. It’s just there to satisfy the command parser.

*CLI> rpt cmd 41631 status 11 xxx

fyi, your rpt.conf will look similar to:

idrecording = /home/repeater/myidfile ;full path to file w/o extension                  
idtalkover = |iWD6AWP ;Interrupt voice ID and ID in CW if node is keyed up 

Once you have it working correctly add it to crontab. The Asterisk command must be in quotes. This example will beacon once every 4 hours at 15 minutes after the hour.

15 */4 * * * /usr/sbin/asterisk -rx "rpt cmd 41631 status 11 xxx"

Thank for the info not really good with doing this stuff but I willing to learn. I changed the beaconing=0 to -1
So I also need to change or add a Line in rpt.conf to this “idrecording = /home/repeater/myidfile”
This is the way it looks now in the rpt.conf;
idrecording=|iDE W1ZFB
;idrecording=|iDE W1ZFB

Looks like you have a HamVoIP node so the idrecording= line you have is fine, just remove the semicolon.

Also check your beaconing= line. Looks like there is a dash you shouldn’t have. If you are going to use the beaconing= statement you don’t need a crontab.

See the WiKi for details on beacons

Thank you for the step by step instruction. I have it working now with one exception. It beacons every 15mins instead of every 4 hrs and 15 mins. I hadn’t changed anything in the rpt.conf yet would that make difference on timing? The node will be a attached to a simplex radio.

I think the WiKi doc says beacons are every 15 minutes. I believe that is not adjustable.

If you can’t live with the 15 minute interval you’ll need to turn off beacon and use cron to run status 11 as I mentioned here Cronjob for Beaconing using allstar

Thanks I realized beaconing was turn and I’ve turn it off now. My last question do I need to modify my Rpt.conf file with this idrecording = /home/repeater/myidfile ?

No, idrecording= stays the same regardless of beaconing/cron.