Courtesy tones problem when using permanent link

Hi all,

I recently changed the connections between links to “permanent link” using the appropriate macro with ilink,13.

Today I noticed that when a link is broken, the nodes do not swap the courtesy tone from from “linkunkeyct” the “unlinkedct” what normaly happens when using link maccro ilink,3.

Is this behavior normal or a bug ?

I can’t find any logical reason it should work this way.

Are they other courtesy tones for this situation ?

73 Patrick

I don’t believe it to be a bug.
I think it attempts to reconnect the broken permalink. So my guess is that it still was not reachable and that as long as there is attempt to reconnect, there is no change. Permanent means permanent.

OK Mike,

But this doesn’t make sense to me. (and I hope to others…)

Unlinked means unlinked !
If a link is broken, it should send the right tone.

Perhaps something to correct in the source code ?

73 Patrick

My suggestion would be to not use permalink and it will drop, and CT’s will change.

What you are really asking for is a indicator for a broken permanent link that is still permanent.

But the source code is there if you want to customize it to your taste.

It is also possible to write a normal reconnect on a particular drop using ‘on event’ programming within rpt.conf

Thanks Mike,

Yes, I already went back to my original configuration which uses a normal link connection and not a permalink.
In this situation everything works as expected.

I’m not good enough to modify the source code. Being completely uncommented, it’s a nightmare. :grimacing:

I will have a look on the events. Actually, we use a cron that fires a bash script testing the links and reconnecting if necessary.

I thought that using permalinks would be better, which it’s not.

73, Patrick


I tried the event programming, but it’s not the solution.

It fires the reconnect command when the link has been detected as down. That happens only once and if the link can’t be established at this time, it never tries again.

So, the only solution is a cron task fired every 15 min.

73 Patrick

I was going to mention bash script.

Perhaps though, use the event to trigger your script ?
Keep your script in a loop until it re-establishes connection.
Kinda what a permalink does but will change the stat of your connection.
You need to assign a command to the script and call it on the event.

You could also keep the permalink, use the event to change the control state, where you assign different CT’s in a profile that keeps everything else the same.
In all, that makes most sense to me for what you want.

Thinking out loud again !

But I should have added to that a second on event to turn the control state back to normal when the node is connected again.

Permeant links continuously attempt to connect until connected. When the link can’t be established or drops there is an internal indication. Allmon2 shows that as an orange background.

It’s conceivable that a script could be written to beep or announce something when reconnecting. The Allmon2 code should give a reasonable hint how to do that.