Courtesy tone question

I am using the hamvoip build and trying to get a ct8 courtesy tone only on a local key up when connected to another node. I have been successful in doing that however I get a silent key up when not connected to another node. How do I eliminate the silent keyup?

Additional info… This is on the second node…



Would you mind posting the lines starting with unlinkedct= and ending in linkunkeyct=, as well as your ct8=? I’ve been fiddling with this myself and I can provide some insight.

Rob V

Thanks for getting back with me Rob…

; Sent when not connected to another node
; Sent when remote base connected


ct8=|t(700,1100,150,2048) ; 2048 amplitude

Here is another setting

Rob… Let me clarify… I would like the same tone as you hear when a local user unkeys when a node is connected but no other ones… Maybe its not ct8… and no tones when not connected… Boy my head hurts from trying all different combo’s…


If you’re just looking for the same tone, remotect=ct8 and that should do it. But it looks like you have the correct settings (other than remotect) to get the desired result. Are you running “rpt reload” after each edit? Here’s an easy command to run it:

asterisk -rx “rpt reload”

Yes Rob, I am restarting asterisk after each change… The big issue is the silent key up when not connected to the a node. Any thoughts how to get rid of that?



I commented out all unlinkedct, remotect, and linkunkeyct, and restarted asterisk. I still get a silent key up when node is not connected, and the tones I want when the node is connected… Strange… Is there something else that is coded somewhere as default? After doing some more searching and reading, I guess what I am looking for is remotetx, without the silent key up when not connected… Make sense??



Does anyone have sip-phone ‘radio-control’ access ? On that server.

Watch asterisk in foreground… asterisk -rvvv