Couple of questions

Putting my 2nd node together. Anyone have a problem with ONN SD cards? Tried one,image burned fine but it won’t boot in either of my 2 PIs. Other SD works fine in both. ???
Now other questions: if I want to up a private link I guess I can use the Permanent connect command but does that only work between 2 nodes? Can I tie a 3rd in? If not, what’s the best way? I would like to add second node for public access, etc but since I’m using Pi4Bs, I guess I can’t for now. Can one node handle private and public links? If so, how??


Seems to me that as long as the [nodes] stanza in rpt.conf of each node identifies the others, then it should work.


??? Sorry but your answer was cloudy to me…please elaborate for a newbie

And I have another question…can I send DTMF from one node to another? Both nodes are connected to RLC controllers…I want to DTMF control a distant site from a local …is that possible over ASL?


A RPi4 will handle 3 or 4 nodes easily. Permeant connects do work between any number of nodes, public or private doesn’t matter. Connect all of the nodes to one node (star topology) or connect them to each other (chain topology) or any combination thereof.

These links might be helpful.