Conpgm script help

I’ve been running this bash script from congpm for a few years, and it’s functioned flawlessly.

echo “Node $2 connected to node $1 at $(date +%Y-%m-%d.%H:%M:%S):” | mail -s “My repeater” # verizon text message

Are there variables I can use to pass to the bash script to get the callsign and/or the node information to “pretty up” my message?

Example: Node: 47923 Node Information from Allmon: KV4S 432.200 Chelsea, Alabama

Russell Thomas, KV4S

Cool. How would this be done on hamvoip?

I did mine from here:

works HamVoip or ASL

i didn’t write these from scratch but i cloned or forked the code I used in case the author ever deleted the original.

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My first thought would be to modify the script to parse astdb.txt

From asterisk


I kinda do the same but all asterisk traffic gets logged to different files by type timestamped from extensions.conf script call. If that should give you some other ideas.

But you should be able to parse a line in astdb to include.

Got this working plus I added Telegram support!


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