Connected notification

while trying to get my head around the auto reconnect another feature if possible
how can i set up a connected announcement and disconnected announcement when someone connects to a node i.e. *354318
i know i can have telemetry but this switched on everytime someone connects or disconnects on another node it repeats over the air on the repeater…

help please

You can set telemdefault=2 in /etc/asterisk/rpt.conf and that will only play connect/disconnect messages when you or your users issue *3/*1. Anything else (ie, remote users coming and going) will not play.

Is that what you were looking for?

Jim, K6JWN

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yes jim thats it…
im also looking to have a auto reconnect after a predefined time say 10 mins of no repeater activity

I dont think there is any mechanism to handle that, it would need to be done by an external script. I’ll let others chime in on that one.

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