Can't connect to anything

I can’t connect to other nodes at all. When I hit *70 it says “Node 502690 repeat only”. So I think I am setup as a full duplex repeater? My rpt.conf file says duplex=1 which seems right to me. I’m running a modified USB FOB and a single Baofeng 888. I am just trying to setup a simplex node. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Bill,

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The “repeat only” message doesn’t mean you node repeats. It only means you are not connected to any other nodes. Duplex 1 set you for a simplex node which is the correct setting for a Baofeng 888.

Node 502690 isn’t registered at this moment. But maybe you have it turned off. Of course your node must be registered to connect. When you do attempt to connect does you node say anything? What node number are you attempt to connect to? Are you running ASL or a HamVoIP node?

It is turned off now. But all I am getting is a hang time and a courtesy tone. I have tried to connect to the parrot server *340894 And a few other nodes at random I have found on the node list. At the moment it isn’t receiving DTMF tones. But I had all of that working when I was trying to connect to something. From the bash shell, I ran asterisk -r -vvv to confirm the node was getting the DTMF tones. But again just a hang time and a courtesy tone is all I get.

I’m running a HamVoIP node Tim. I’m starting to notice an intermittent problem receiving DTMF tones. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes everything but 4, 7, 9 and 0 works. And now for the stupid question of the day (I think I know the answer), the volume knob on the 888 makes a difference, doesn’t it? Because I cut it back from full volume, and it does work now. I don’t have a speaker hooked up to the 888, and I’m guessing the feedback (which I couldn’t hear), was over riding the DTMF tones. Or I was overloading the receiver in the 888 being right next to it with a UV5R. My only other issue now is a high pitched whine on my signal. But I’m not using shielded cable, I don’t think I have adequate grounds, and I’m running the Pi off of a wall wart.

Sounds like the volume control was the fix. That’s a really bad situation in my estimation. The audio should be obtained from somewhere that is independent of the volume control level.

Yes, go after the grounding and shedding. I’m guessing RF is getting back into the BF888.

I played with it for awhile Tim, and on the parrot server, if the vol was to low, it would just play back very weak/broken up DTMF tones. But what slapped me in the face was trying to get the node to work with a Yaesu 736-R, I have two of them, neither will control the node. Those radios have a mic gain control on them. As well as infinite power levels out, from 0-25 watts. And at 25 watts and 100% mic gain, one of the UV5R’s started to squeal! That’s when it hit me. I was feeding back into the 888 that I couldn’t hear. I feel kind of stupid now! My build looks like a train wreck inside of a Radio shack store. I’ve got a nice piece of 1/8" aluminum I can mount everything down to, and ground the snot out of it. And if need be I can put a wall between the 888 and the Pi.