Can Allstar node numbers be transferred?

Hi All,

Our radio club in Australia has a number of Allstar node numbers being used, including a group of converted NNX numbers under its own account

A club member who was instrumental in getting our club into Allstar has a node number under his own personal account that is presently not being used.

Could any of the Allstar admins advise if that node number not being used could be transferred from the club members personal Allstar account to the club Allstar account with his consent?

Many thanks.



Yes we can do that. Please have the node owner send me a PM requesting the transfer.

OK @wd6awp . Re-engaging with this group after a number of years. Simple question. How do I PM?


Good question. Click on my picture then click Message.

No option to do that.

No Message option like in the pic after clicking his name?


You may not have ‘Basic’ badge yet from the site. That should allow PMs.

Hope this helps