Bubble Chart Feature Request

The difference between someone connecting in receive-only vs transceive is hard to spot on bubble chart (one arrow vs two). Sometimes I connect two large (and fairly inactive) networks to my node to listen for some activity, both in receive mode. Inevitably someone panics and disconnects me because they think I have joined one half the universe to another, which I haven’t. Perhaps if receive only links were dashed lines or a different colour this would help.


I’ve run into the myself. Some folks are very sensitive about who connects to their network, specially if it’s a large number of nodes tied together. Best practice is to not connect two networks together even in monitor. Or at least ask permission.

Understood, but if you are just monitoring, you aren’t really connecting two networks together, you are just listening to two networks. The confusion seems to be when net control operators don’t realize that. It would seem strange that that would bother anyone more than when I listen on HF with one VFO on one frequency and another on a second.

Adrian is on to something, I only realized that some lines on the bubble chart were one way just yesterday. The Bubble chart can be misleading in this respect.


Adrian, it still ties the networks together even through your system in monitor mode, I ran into this issue where a guy tied 4 large networks together on his system in monitor and was in transmit on my system, all that traffic tied up my system. I had 15 nodes connected to my hub in transmit. What he did brought a bunch of traffic into my system, and it took me a little bit to figure out what was going on and who to knock off my system so our nodes weren’t constantly transmitting. Also, if you tie a bunch of stuff into your system in monitor mode, then someone connects to you, they hear the traffic and try to talk to the people but can’t talk to them because you have those systems in monitor mode, it winds up discouraging users to connect to your system because they think people on your system are a bunch of stuck up snobs with a click going and won’t talk to anyone new. Allstar is very flexible, and in some aspects too flexible in my opinion . It’s still a great system though.