Bluetooth keyboard/mouse setup in ASL 2.0 beta ISO

I recently setup a multiboot configuration using PINN on my Raspberry Pi 4b. I would like to use the same bluetooth keyboard/mouse setup I have on Raspberry Pi OS, but I have not been able to configure bluetooth on the ASL install. Does anyone have instructions for setting up bluetooth correctly?

I googled around for setting up bluetooth via the command line as ASL has no graphical interface. This was one of the first hits How to setup Bluetooth on a Raspberry Pi 3 - CNET

That’s for a 3 but might be ok on a 4. Hope it helps.

Thanks. I will check that out, but I’m pretty sure that command doesn’t exist on the ASL image.

I’ll keep looking and update here if I make any progress.

Not sure but you may need to install a rasp-pi utility package.